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Our Story

Birthed from a burning desire for change.

We’re passionate about empowering women to turn their ideas into impactful businesses. We are a team of experienced female subject matter experts who understand the unique challenges faced by female entrepreneurs.

Bridging the gap between your brilliant idea and a thriving business.

The Journey

Tech and Boujee was birthed from a place of deep understanding and a burning desire for change. Ukponu, a seasoned digital marketing expert, witnessed firsthand the systemic obstacles women entrepreneurs face. She saw brilliant ideas stifled by a lack of technological resources, promising ventures struggling against limited access to guidance, and the sheer determination of women overlooked by a male-dominated business landscape.

Driven by an unwavering passion for women’s empowerment, Ukponu found a kindred spirit in an equally visionary product marketer, Temitope. Together, they envisioned a company that wouldn’t simply address these challenges but shatter them. Tech and Boujee was born – a beacon of support, innovation, and unwavering belief in the boundless potential of women in business.

Our journey is fuelled by the conviction that every woman, regardless of background, economic status, or geographical location, deserves the opportunity to turn her ambitions into thriving enterprises. We aspire to be more than just a consulting agency; Tech and Boujee aims to become a global force for women’s empowerment, dismantling barriers and fostering a future where female-led businesses shape the world.

Why we invest in building with women.


Our mission is to champion women’s empowerment through entrepreneurship. We strive to close the gender gap in business by providing women with cutting-edge technology solutions, strategic guidance, and the resources they need to succeed. 


We envision a world where women entrepreneurs have equal opportunities and resources to thrive. Tech and Boujee aims to be the driving force behind this change, fostering a global community of successful, tech-powered, women-led businesses. 

The Stats


Years of Experience

We are a team of experienced female entrepreneurs and tech wizards who understand the unique challenges you face.


Female Led

Our comprehensive services are designed to support women-owned businesses to build, scale, and achieve extraordinary growth.


Protentional Growth

We thrive to provide the technical support, partnerships, and proven strategies necessary to level the playing field.

Meet the team

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Ukponu Ayogu


Temitope Adelanwa


Zainab Maklai

Social Media Executive

Antonia Milo

Paid Media Specialist

Anamika Bahuguna

Social Media Executive

Oluwajomiloju Orimolade

Social Media & Community Manager

Alert Herbert

Operations Manager